Spacey Space

Part man, part myth, Spacey Space has been an exuberant presence in the Melbourne club scene for well over 25 years. He is perhaps best known for his epic DJ sets performed at the infamous Prahran nightclub Revolver Upstairs. His Sunday residency there spans much of that period.

However, humble beginnings as many beginnings are, it was access to a dual cassette deck that saw the teenage Spacey make his first mix tapes. Serious collecting of dance music records followed and this led to his first DJ gig, a set at his own 21st birthday in a St Kilda flat.

The 1990s saw him develop his record collection along with his DJ skills. He established residencies at various Melbourne clubs including Lounge, Honkytonks and the aforementioned Revolver Upstairs. He hosted a popular radio show on Kiss 90 FM and played in Melbourne’s emerging warehouse and outdoor party scene, including various Hardware and Earthcore events.

Spacey Space’s upward trajectory has continued well into the new millennium. As a DJ he is busier than ever playing across Australia. He is a regular at some of Australia’s best dance music festivals, including Golden Plains, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Strawberry Fields, Babylon and Beyond The Valley.

Stylistically, Mr Space plays sounds from all along the house and techno spectrum. With original works released on Nick Coleman’s Suckmusic, Spacey is back in the studio with the production flame reignited.