Vicious Recordings

Vicious began life as Vicious Records in 1992 and was the first imprint to kick off the company, started by three young DJ’s from Melbourne Australia, John Course, Andy Van and Colin Daniels. Early releases included “Eternal” by Eternal (A collaboration between Carl Cox and then Future Entertainment head honcho Mark James), Ground Level with “God Intended” and the breakout single “Dreams Of Heaven”, which was the label’s first internationally charting release. More than 15 years after launching and hundreds of releases later, Dirty South’s first tracks and remixes were on Vicious, Ivan Gough saw his first releases with the label, as did the Rogue Traders who’s debut album was released by Vicious, James now back with the team releasing new music as James Ash. The platinum selling Potbelleez are another who started at the label and connected in Australia with the Platinum selling “Don’t Hold Back”.  Label co-owner Andy Van teamed with singer songwriter Cheyne Coates to bring Madison Avenue to life, achieving global success with their “Polyester Embassy” album and worldwide hit singles “Don’t Call Me Baby” (UK pop chart number 1) and “Who The Hell Are You” (Australian Pop Chart Number 1), on then house offshoot Vicious Grooves. As EDM sounds emerged Australia’s Vandalism, Brazil superstar DJ F-Tampa, USA iconic DJ Tommie Sunshine and Indonesia’s Angger Dimas are just a few of the global producers who released with the label. One of the most well known names who started with Vicious was the late Avicii, who had a stack of his earliest releases, including his first Beatport number 1 “My Feelings For You” (made with Sebastien Drums) released here. Artist such as Sgt Slick, Mind Electric, Super Disco Club, Flash, label boss John Course, Elektrik Disko, Andy Murphy and loads of others continue to release on the Vicious label which in 2022 celebrates 30 years since the first release. John Course and Andy Van remain at the helm, with great friend Colin Daniels amicably changing track in 2007 and firmly embedding himself in the global music scene via his position at the head of PIAS International. Sub labels Be Rich Records (formerly Vicious Bitch), Vicious Black and Extrovert Music now accompany Vicious under the Vicious Recordings collection of in house labels along with partner labels Cosmonote (with Angger Dimas) and U-Genius and Valiant Records (with Tom Evans and Jacob Malmo).