Good Girl Gone

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Returning to EXCEED, here DÉ SAINT. presents her latest production “Good Girl Gone”, which is not only produced and written by DÉ SAINT, but also features her delivering a killer vocal…

Is there nothing she cannot do?

The original grooves with a funky tech house edge, cool bass and the wicked vocal. Rather than punch you in the face with energy, this one gently worms its way into your conscience via the slinky groove, adding a full vocal, drum rolls, and builds before dropping back into the bass line driven groove. Just right for those cooler tech house club sets.

A superb set or remixes back it up, with Australian legend Spacey Space and UK producer Camden Cassa delivering big time.

Spacey flips it with an electronic pulsating remix. Still with all the vocals, but with an entirely new vibe, he lets the staccato synth line slowly build the energy, adding bass, vocals and eventually the broken beat drums before a 4/4 kick joins the party. A distinctive and creative remix from one of Australia’s most revered talents.

Camden Cassa brings the energy with a huge, big-room, tech-house roller. Think large drums, snare rolls, sweeps and vibes! Snippets of the vocal tease before dropping in a breakdown that quickly builds back into the energetic, big sounding production where it continues to chug with a great energy.

All up three killer versions and all with different vibes… We couldn’t be more excited about welcoming miss De Saint back to EXCEED with this release.