Extrovert Music

Extrovert Music brings a vibrant selection of artists that deliver fun, cheeky, energetic filled cross-over dance music sounds.


On the launch of Extrovert Music, General Manager of Vicious, John Course says, “When Vicious started 30 years ago, dance music was a small, new, growing specialist genre. Now it has multiple genres within it and the scope of “dance music” is so much wider than it’s ever been. That’s why as we celebrate our 30th year, we wanted to start Extrovert Music; to allow a focus on pop-edged dance music that not only works in commercial clubs, but also on radio and within the streaming playlist environment. We’re excited by what is to come and to kick the new label off with Jawbreakers.”


Damien Platt from Extrovert Music adds, “We have been keeping an eye on Jawbreakers for several years. When Kali and Sabrina presented us with demos of the EP, we were instantly fans of the music. It’s fun, it’s camp and it’s quality music. Extrovert Music is focusing on dance pop/disco/commercial/cross over releases. A majority of our new signings and existing roster who identify as LGBTQIA+ are producing this sound.”