Don’t Mess With My Man

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Vicious is proud to present the one and only Zoë Badwi as she brings her formidable vocal skills to her debut release on Extrovert Music, ‘Don’t Mess With My Man’, a brilliant update on the Lucy Pearl classic.

Sgt Slick kicks off the package with his trademark fat Nu-Disco vibes. Chunky drums, funky bassline and the classic guitar melody from the original all bubble under Zoë’s outstanding vocal performance. A cracking rework for today’s dance floors with all the pop hooks from the original still working their way into your brain. Yes, this is one you’ll be singing along to before you know it!

Vicious boss man John Course then delivers a more traditional house mix. Sharp skippy hats, chunky drums, vocal chop ups and more of the delicious melodies from the original are all present, with the verses and chorus brilliantly delivered by Zoë.

To close out the package, international funksters JARC get all down low and groovy as they drop a slinky, funk fuelled mix reminiscent of their limited vinyl outings of the last few years. Perfect for bar sets, or those that play proper slow disco and funk sounds with Zoë’s full vocal dropping after the long, slow build of the intro groove.

All up, an awesome way to welcome Zoë Badwi to Extrovert Music