Cheats & Liars

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Everybody’s favourite drag queens the Jawbreakers – comprised of Melbourne’s Kali Fornikate and Sabrina Babyslut – have evolved into a spectacle you couldn’t find anywhere else in the world; a melting pot of dance music, theatrical performance and high-quality drag that strives to be the embodiment of bold, colourful fun. “We want to blow everyone out of the water every time,” elaborates the duo, encapsulating their ethos. “Aesthetically, musically, visually… We want to be unexpectedly colourful and high-energy in everything we do.”

Having been booked for some of Australia’s most celebrated festivals – Sydney Mardi Gras, Groovin the Moo, Beyond The Valley, Adelaide Festival and more, in 2022 the Jawbreakers entered the next chapter of their journey by releasing new music of their own.

Their debut release with Vicious Recording’s Extrovert Music label saw then drop ‘Boyfriend
featuring AMUNDA (the solo project of Operator Please frontwoman Amandah Wilkinson), followed by ‘This Is Dirty’ and eventually their debut EP ‘Just A Taste’ at the start of 2022.

Striving to go beyond people’s expectations, Jawbreakers ethos remains as true as ever, ending 2022 with a bang on their latest release ‘Cheats & Liars’ including the NIDA & Triple J Unearthed music video. Bringing more of the duo’s good times this is a tongue in cheek look at boys and the lies they tell, this time with a pop edged dance vibe that reflects the duo’s energy perfectly.