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Spacey Space is one of Australia’s most revered DJ’s having performed all over the country, not to mention holding a residency at the globally renowned Revolver for longer than many DJ’s reading this have even been playing music! Here he brings his production skills to the fore with ‘Restricted’ and we’re stoked to welcome him to our EXCEED label. The chunky club sound of ‘Restricted’ features a vocal from Lil, delivered over Spacey’s club focused house production that hints at his underground roots while delivering a superbly playable house cut. On the remix tip, DÉ SAINT delivers yet again! Her slick, rolling club vibes, driven by a huge bassline is topped off with her crisp, tight percussion. Yet again Lil’s awesome vocal drops on top! Two different takes on a quality club cut, ‘Restricted’ is sure to find some space on many a DJ’s USB stick!