Boy Oh Boy

Hailing from Germany and France, Boy Oh Boy used to be New Zealand’s new kids on the block, where they started their adventure back in 2017. 
 Boy Oh Boy quickly became one of Auckland’s faves, charming their way into the hearts of boys and girls with groovy afro house, the right amount of heartbreaking deep house and their polite way of responding to every love letter. 
 One might wonder how the boys have been so lucky to perform at boat parties, clubs and festivals alongside international artists such as Steve Bug, Kink, Bontan, Djuma Soundsystem, Out Of Sorts and Uone. 
 In August 2019 the boys went on their “German Summer” – Tour and never returned to New Zealand since. Now they found themselves back in Europe, ready for new tunes, new profile pictures and loads more parties. 
 Stay tuned for more Good Wibes!