The love for music stems far beyond the time spent within Australia’s music scene, deeply rooted within his upbringing, Bongani’s ancestral Zulu background of culture through expression, in dance, in art & in music is an important aspect of why he has been able to shine so bright within our scene.

With over 13+ years dedicated to pushing the envelope from a creative perspective in his production as well as showcasing his talents across Australia and the Globe. His meticulous approach to drawing on concepts of emotion or feelings trying to take you to the places in his mind has allowed him to work across different spectrums.

If you have ever had the pleasure of sharing his passion live on a dancefloor you immediately gravitate towards the infectious energy, playful engagement and story telling track selection very quickly you are introduced as to why he is so highly regarded amongst his peers and fellow party goers.

Take a second to enjoy this artist in his ultimate element.