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Fragments is a collaboration between two extremely creative Melbourne based producers. Fusing their talents over a year ago, both Bongani & Doshpot spent quite a lot of time harnessing the best parts of each others creative processes to deliver this outsanding EP which embodies progressive and melodic sounds. The title track symbolises an emotional breakdown and feeling like you have been broken into “Fragments” whilst The B side is a deeper emotive record which represents the end result of glueing everything back together, feeling vibrant and “Whole Again. Both records are certified dancefloor records after being tried and tested over the past 6 months. Doppel returns to UGenius on remix duties with his trademark raw and organic sounds. A staple on the Australian bush doof circuit, Doppel’s music sit’s in a league of its own and we can’t wait to see him thrive around the world soon.