Dylan Griffin

Fostering an infinite combination of the dark, driving elements of the house, minimal and techno worlds, Melbourne’s Dylan Griffin is honing in on the club circuit, giving underground enthusiasts a sheer decade of well accomplished etiquette, expertise and knowledge. Signed to Subsonic Music (Australia), Deeplomatic (Spain) and Little Helpers (USA), 2018 & 2019 has garnered a path with signature sounds from Dylan, while cementing a solid demeanor on dance floors and beaming peak set times on some of the country’s most acclaimed events, festivals and clubs.

Tributing a long standing devotion to the house and techno scene, Dylan Griffin’s profile has cemented a demeanour that beckons the respect from music devotees and industry profiles globally. True to his foundations, he too pioneers Australia’s premier electronic podcast series ‘AU Underground’, showcasing some of the country’s inaugural emerging talent to the most well-accomplished of the underground realm. Studio output has seen a bold emergence of Dylan’s sound, nurturing his emblem significantly with the recent EP ‘Highly Swung’ on minimal house label Little Helpers, alongside production production Chad B with remixes from internationally celebrated artists Monika Ross and Alexkid. Embracing astounding media response locally and offshore, while being sold out in some of the world’s most respected record stores, there is a sure-fire beam in Dylan’s sonic delivery