DJ Honda Hatchback

DJ Honda Hatchback was the #11 Bar Mitzvah and High School (Non-Prom) DJ in Central Pennsylvania from 2002-2003 so obviously he gets the party started. Inspired by Fatboy Slim, Chemical Brothers, and the rest of the artists that defined the big beat movement in the late 90s, DJ Honda Hatchback looks to the past to look to the future. Deep.

Hatch (no one calls him that) lives in a world of contradiction. He loves ice cream, but his body rejects lactose. He’s an avid cliff jumper, but is terrified of the water. He loves a long drive at night, but is scared of the dark. He loves to get the party started, but needs to know when it’s over so his mom can pick him up (remember… scared of the dark)

His DJ sets are full of energy and mistakes (the good kind). In addition to producing and DJing, Hatch enjoys freestyle rapping and knitting sweaters for widows because everyone deserves warmth in a cold world. Deep.