You’re Makin’ Me High

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The Vicious boss man returns to his own label and takes things back to his house music roots on this cover of Toni Braxton’s ‘You’re Makin’ Me High’. The traditional house vibes are strong here with the production driven by a straight up house drum bed that is laden with shuffling hats and percussion. The bed is topped off with a funky bassline, dabs of piano, and finally the superb vocal. As well as the full vocal mix, Coursey drops a piano driven Vocal Dub that strips the groove right back, filtering the piano’s through sections and dropping back into a simple, piano led dubby house groove. This mix is for those less ‘song’ orientated DJ’s, but still with just a few snippets of the main vocal hooks to keep things interesting. As John says “I’m very happy with the feeling this production captures, both in the more accessible full vocal version and the more club orientated Vocal Dub. It’s reflective of my time as a DJ and as a music fan with it’s traditional house sound and I hope house music DJ’s embrace it and dig the vibe”. If you’re a house head then obviously this is right in your wheel house, not to mention that the tune will resonate with loads of people due to it being a huge global R&B hit in its original Toni Braxton form.