Worlds Collided

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Jacob Scruton is no stranger to UGENIUS now with multiple releases that have always landed big support from tastemakers across the globe.

We welcome him back in 2022 for an outstanding EP titled Worlds Collided featuring Mia Caruana on vocals. The ever talented South African born & ‘Get Physical’ regular plus label owner of ’Swoon Recordings, “Ryan Murgatroyd’ has taken on remix duties and has produced a gorgeous take on the original with some forward thinking production, transcending the cliches or generic 4/4 music.

The B side, “The Story of How I Got Here” which also focuses on a more emotional side of Jacob’s production – was written as a reminder that life isn’t always fast paced and to not be worried about achieving goals as quickly as possible whilst enjoying and appreciating the journey.

With that in mind, sit back, take the time to listen to this release in full and enjoy the music.