What Am I Gonna Do? (feat. Emily Williams)

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Vicious co-founder and DJ John Course drops his fresh new single on Vicious with “What Am I Gonna Do”, a fat house tune with lavish helpings of disco and soul, all wrapped up in a modern dance floor production. As John puts it, “I have been playing lots of disco orientated events including Glitterbox in Australia and our own Sky Disco events and I wanted to make a chunky, groove led kind of tune that sat in that world. Once I had the instrumental finished I asked friend and fellow DJ and producer De Saint if she wanted to write a lyric for it” he continues “I knew I always wanted a big diva voice on it so I tracked down Emily Williams, a New Zealand expat who resides in Melbourne and who can rip the roof off a room with her vocals and played her the rough demo… A few weeks later we laid the vocal down and I got onto the finished mixdown with engineer Mark D’Angelo”. The end result certainly delivers with a huge bassline driven groove setting the tone. Add Emily’s killer vocal, the hooky lyrics from De Saint, fat drums, disco strings, bongo’s and a huge piano line dropping in the breakdown and you can hear the vibes. “I’m stoked with the final version and love the work that Emily did with her vocal and De Saint did with the lyrics… It’s great to collaborate with awesome talent like these ladies and they smashed it out of the park… I’m very proud of the end result” says John. To sit alongside the original, we also have a fantastic energetic piano house remix from NuGroove and a follow up remix from Rubber People. All you have to do now is press play and turn it up!