The Way You Are (Dubbel Drop Remix)

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Originally released in 2012 on Vicious’ sister label ‘Vicious Bitch’ (now ‘Be Rich Records’), Peking Duk’s first ever ARIA Club Chart number 1 was “The Way You Are” and it was the tune that introduced the artist to many DJ’s and fans alike. Apart from being a killer little groove, the tunes significance as a breakthrough to both Triple J and fans makes it a worthy and significant inclusion in our 30 Year celebrations! Here the Dubbel Drop duo, who’s previous singles ‘Mighty Knight’, ‘Ecstasy’ and ‘Back 2 U’ have shaped their filtering French inspired house sound, bring their vibe to this remix. Starting with a filtered out sample and simple house beats, this one quickly drops into the main sample and a funky, big bassline. House music heads will dig this as it weaves it’s way in and out of the original hooks while remaining fat and funky for the dance floor. A great reinterpretation and a welcome remix in our 30 year celebrations!