Sign Me Up ft. Rei

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‘Sign Me Up’, the latest offering from Friendless sees the Sydney-based producer deep diving into the UK Garage sounds he has been flexing on his recent releases, most notably on the recent collaborative EP ‘FUN!’ with Jannah Beth.

Teaming up with Aotearoa (New Zealand) vocalist REI for this one, ‘Sign Me Up’ oozes the trademark swagger and bounciness we’ve come to expect from Friendless. REI has been making waves globally with his silky smooth vocals and songwriting prowess, now pairing this with Friendless’ super fresh production is a match made in heaven. Pure sonic delight. Simply put, this is a track that will instantly get your head bopping and your body moving!

This superb slice of feel-good Garage vibes is another stellar addition to Friendless’ ever expanding repertoire, which is sure to become a favourite for old and new fans alike!