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The energised pairing of Friendless and the eclectic Jannah Beth combine once again, dropping their genre-bending EP, ‘FUN!’, out now on Be Rich Records.

Propelling their natural artistic chemistry up a level the Australian duo unite elastic production and mellifluous vocal tones for the aptly named five-track EP. Channelling each other’s songwriting strengths the pair offer up a collection of tunes that will, in equal parts, have you bursting with lush highs and getting lost in the depth of lyrical vulnerability. Together, they curate contrasting sounds and traverse varying soundscapes, taking you on a colourful musical adventure as they merge their creative spirits into one.

The EP kicks off the ultra bouncy ‘Player’, with its deep yet playful bassline that embodies the epitome of ‘FUN!’. The buoyant introduction is matched with intense lyricism, quickly showcasing Beth’s vocal diversity. By the second track, the duo begin to reveal and materialise the journey of sounds and emotions within the EP with the genre-melding anecdote to unconditional love ‘4U’. The track is introduced with glimmering indie-pop tones before Friendless’ production prowess kicks in as he ups the pace with quickened high hats, deep drums, and bouncy bass, offering up the perfect soundscape for Jannah Beth to flex their sassy, rapped vocals. Once again, the pair’s ability to smoothly dance between genres is evident in ‘By Ur Side’.

Beth’s neo-soul vocal inflections depict an authentic message of support to a loved one, while Friendless brings all the groove with atmospheric layering and funk-laden keys. Next up, tech-house bop ‘Ego Drop’ brings all the sass and steez needed to get you up and bouncing around. The quirky and uptempo production is the perfect accompaniment to Jannah Beth’s hot bars as they flaunt their hip-hop chops. The EP concludes with an emotional electronic ballad in the form of ‘Never Enough’, weighted with a vulnerable lyricism that yearns for more. An incredibly graceful production
that signals a captivating way to finish off a stellar body of work.

Both described as ‘multi-instrumentalist dreamers and soul stirrers’, Friendless and Jannah Beth are no strangers to joining forces. Their creative collaboration amalgamated in 2019 with the release of ‘Swerve’, whilst they saw acclaim with the 2021 release ‘Drip’, which was praised by the likes of triple j presenters Declan Byrne, Lucy Smith, Dave Ruby Howe, and Pip Rasmussen. Their 2022 track ‘Ego Drop’ continued their trend of exciting, body-moving, releases, supported by the likes of iHeart Australia, MTV and triple j, leading into their much-anticipated collaborative EP release.

Northern Beaches producer Friendless has an aptitude for roaming across various musical landscapes, never failing to bring an upbeat groove to his productions. Friendless was recognised by his peers with the 2021 APRA Professional Development Award in the electronic category. The award was duly granted, with the producer soon securing double ARIA Club Chart #1’s in ‘Rush (feat. Che Savage)’ and ‘Left 2 Right (feat. Bianca)’ highlighting his innate ability to produce dancefloor grooves. His 2021 single ‘Rush’ was supported by the likes of Annie Mac, Rudimental, Sam Feldt, Pat Lok, and more, whilst ‘Left 2 Right’ saw huge radio success with support across Australian dance stations as well as on triple j. On the performance front, he’s reigned just as victorious, sharing the stage with the likes of PNAU, Duke Dumont, Shiba San and more as he’s continued to establish a name for himself
as one of the most in-demand collaborators in the Sydney scene.

Starlett Jannah Beth thrives across genres with her steadfast delivery and unique style that defies the status quo, paving their own musical style Beth’s debut 2016 release ‘Cut Sick’ pushed against the mainstream and introduced the world to her concoction of neo-soul, hip hop, and bedroom bop stylings. They continued to develop and thrive leading to their wide-ranging 2021 EP ‘Product of a Dreamer’, with Beth’s unwavering commitment to genre fusion fluttering on gems such as ‘Sweet Sugar’, ‘Want Me Dead’, and ‘Who Am I to Judge’. Beth’s immersive groove and self-assured lyricism are a favourite across triple j, with presenters such as Dave Ruby Howe, Richard Kingsmill, and Declan Byrne consistently praising the multi-talented artist. Jannah Beth recently toured across
the country with Australian hip-hop royalty Horrorshow, showcasing her captivating power to command a stage.