One Queen ft. Sadako Pointer

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Vicious welcomes Lou Casablanca and his classic house vibes with this latest release featuring Sadako Pointer.

Lou’s original groove works through house drums, disco stabs, wah guitar and a funky bass line, setting the vibe for this one, with Sadako’s sweet soulful vocal dropping on top. Here the original mix sticks to a more traditional funky house sound and delivers with its slinky groove and disco edge.

James Ash opens the remix duties with a tougher more up club house remix. Piano stabs drive the groove but with a tougher bassline and a tech house edged drum bed, yet still with snippets of the sweet vocal spread throughout.

Closing out the package is Marcus Knight’s remix. Big house vibes here with the vocal filtering in along with big chords before kicking into a chunky house drum bed and then yet again Sadako’s full vocal.