Happiness ft. Sadako Pointer (Part 2)

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Having already dropped their Original Super Disco Club version of “Happiness” along with the Earth N Days and JARC Remixes, which have reached #4 on the Club Buzz Chart & #4 on Traxsource House Chart we now follow up with another set of FIRE remixes! UK House music legends Soul Central drop a funky, classic house groove and take Sadako’s superb vocal and lay it over a clean house drum bed, letting a funky bassline drive the groove. This mix is super classy, with the Soul Central crew also adding a Dub for those who like a little less vocal. Andy Van then takes care of a pure Disco version for his own SDC project by delving back into his formidable music knowledge and dropping the SDC Classic Mix. Bringing all full 70s disco vibes, this remix drops with funky guitars, massive chords and pianos, super funky basslines and that quality vocal from Sadako Pointer. This release is already getting full support from the likes of Carl Cox, Mark Knight, Valiant Kings, Mark Doyle, Tommie Sunshine, Freejak, Eddie Amadour, John Morales, Black Legend & Matt Black (Coldcut) to name a few, so make sure you get on these great mixes to drive your dance floors crazy. Time to fire up the party… and let the music do the talking. Nobody can deny the immediate Happiness on offer here!