Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (John Course Club Dub)

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On the back of DJ’s such as Fisher and Joel Corry only recently discovering the original Slick version and smashing it internationally, Vicious boss man John Course drops a tasty new club take on Sgt Slick’s massive crossover party tune! Even if you have heard the original a billion times, (lets face it, you probably have), Coursey tips it on it’s head, stripping the vocal back and delivering a thumping club take.

Driving looping beats are entwined and sliced up with music sections from the original and a tiny drip of the vocal. It’s all sewn together with huge build-ups that deliver a thumping dub vibe for a fresh assault at peak time moments. Then we include the amazing Original, which as we said above is still getting hammered by DJ’s everywhere and the awesome Freejak Mix which has also stood the test of time for many DJs around the world closing the package out with Slick and Coursey’s Disco Dub from the original release.