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Melbourne electronic DJ / producer Hitch is set to release his second offering of 2023 titled Forever taken from his upcoming EP via Be Rich Records. Quickly following from his debut with the label titled Exposed which manifested the raw essence of future bass and downtempo electronica with a driving bassline and distinct vocal, Forever borders on the experimental and is filled with melodic lines, atmospheric synths, and ambient textures.

Hitch’s discography to date has explored a diverse production and fusion of styles and sounds. Having previously released music to high acclaim on labels such as Hegemon: Wonderlust, Diverge Records, and Don Diablo’s HEXAGON imprint, Hitch is set to make his mark in 2023 with his technicolored and experimental soundscapes. Setting the tone for a slew of undeniably entrancing sounds that the young producer has in store, taking influences from multiple angles in electronic music and condensing them into solid multi-purpose productions fit to move a festival’s main stage through to high-rotation streaming playlists; Forever perfectly showcases this diverse sonic accessibility and exciting, brooding energy flowing through the undercurrent of HITCH productions.