Dreams 2021

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Dreams” by Quench was one of club lands biggest tracks when first released way back in 1992 and now, nearly 20 years on, it gets a set of red hot collaborative reworks for 2021. Firstly, trance sensation MaRLo, who has already kicked the new year off with multiple sold out shows in his home country of Australia, re-works the iconic anthem. MaRLo invokes the spirit of the original, reinterpreting his new version into a no holds barred, tough as nails, monster of a trance mix. Then Melbourne duo The Journey apply their formidable production touch with a moody, building prog-tech vibe, yet with all the original’s superb hooks… Those bells… The vocal… The massive synth hook!!! All subtly melded into a floor peaking massive clubbing moment. Finally after kicking off 2021 with a residency on BBC Radio One, UK DJ and Producer Paul Sawyer drops his fresh version. Taking the original elements and weaving them into a building tech-meets-progressive mix that keeps all the hooks and of course those key moments that made the original such a massive record. Three massive NEW remixes… Not to mention CJ Dolan (The original producer) who drops a rework and for a bonus, we add UMEK‘s superb rework from last year… Get ready to RAVE once again!