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FiNE who as brothers have gelled well to bring you a melodic monster titled Samba. A fusion of percussion, darker tones and subtle arps make this appealing to the broader spectrum of DJ’s.
NAMA who also makes their debut on UGenius brings you Footwork. What sounds like something Joris Voorn would release, these boys are surely one to watch in coming years.
We are very happy to welcome one of the more forward thinking Techno producers in Melbourne WISER. to the label as well. Visions is a record that holds more restraint than her usual Techno throbbers you might hear, and that suits us just perfectly. Rounding out 005 we welcome back Thadius X and Toxic Heart. Blurring the lines between Progressive House & Melodic House, Thadius’s many years of production shines and concludes another diverse compilation.