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Whether it be sitting in front of a camera in her pyjamas with some of the world’s best electronic artists or commanding the stage on some of the most in demand dancefloors in the world, Bebetta always brings a playful attitude when it comes to her music.

Bridging the gap from house to techno with a focus on melody, driving drums and a track filled with tension, Bebetta’s showcases her prowess with this chunky monster titled ‘Bom’. Waspy sounds scattered throughout provide an eerie soundscape and progressive tones create the perfect weapon for those building dancefloors. The ever classy Lexer heads up the remix pack with a more driving feature giving selectors the perfect alternative for late night antics. A mix with a big build filled with bright synths, Lexer shows why he is one of the most in demand artists in his sphere at the moment. “The Journey ” dive in to round out the package staying true to their textbook percussive drive and progressive sound.