Blinded By The Light

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On the back of his debut release on UGenius we welcome newly Melbourne based artist BÄTO. One of the nicer people you will meet in this world, BÄTO’s fine attention to detail with his music and positive attitude in life ticked the boxes in more ways than one for us.

This 4 track EP headed by his title track “Blinded By The Light” is a true reflection of BÄTO’s diversity as a producer and vocalist, with him personally laying down the top line on the lead track.

Blinded By The Light is a musical reflection of experiences and internal self-growth throughout his early adulthood. Also Melbourne based, Alegra knocks the remix out of park with dark stabs, enticing breakdowns and the vocal scattered throughout.

“Corpulence” is a deep hypnotic melodic number filled with percussion and ominous tones. Perfect for setting up the dancefloor. It’s a tune that will appeal to many and should be tucked away nicely in the collection.

Following on is “Searching” which ups the intensity whilst still maintaining a deep and sultry mood, which is very consisten in BÄTO’s work. UK based producer Kiz Pattison takes charge on the remix and straight away proves why he frequents labels such as Rennasaince and Selador. His eerie remix blurs the line between techno and melodic house and will no doubt capture the attention of many.

Wrapping up this sensational EP, BÄTO presents “Transendence” featuring Zoe Damty. Original a track that wasn’t included on the release, we are extremely happy to receieve this for inclusion. Increasing the tempo, with a pumping bassline, “Transendence” is a euphoric dancefloor weapon that climaxes with a gorgeous sentiment from Zoe. We sent this to our friend Pavel Petrov after being a big fan of his music for many years and he jumped at the opportunity to remix. His acid remix takes the track to another level, complimenting the original whilst giving it a techier edge. His balance between emotion and energy is executed perfectly and we couldn’t be happier for this mix to round out this release.