From touring as a drummer to producing music, Clay Edger is a House DJ/Producer also known as EDGER. Currently living in Australia, he fell in love with the electronic music scene in 2012 and has been unstoppable ever since.

With a diverse quality sound from Deep and Afro House to Progressive and Techno, EDGER has a style and energy that is undeniably unique. Receiving support from local artists like Hook & Sling and John Course, as well as international masters such as Milk & Sugar, Kid Enigma, D-Compost and Felix Leiter.

In 2019, his first track “Take Me Home” was released by Valiant Records. An upbeat melody featuring soft vocals, drums and strong flute trills perfect to energize the crowd at any moment. With only a few months of releasing, his next tracks “Kallista” and “Heartbeat” caught his audience’s attention and made it to Beatport’s Afro House Chart (#36) and Hype Deep House Chart (#4)

EDGER has performed in famous clubs like Cocoon Beach Club (Bali), No Mas Bar (Bali), My Aeon (Melbourne) and One Six One (Melbourne), to name a few, and top-level Australian events like Festival 23 and Maitreya Festival Psy Bus. His presence on radio shows has been key for Clay’s career growth and success, by playing his music and performing interviews with recognized stations such as Kiss FM and Fresh 92.7. He’s also a resident in multiple clubs in Melbourne like Pawn & Co, Warehouse 3000, The Mill House, 29th Apartment and Sky Disco ft. John Course.