2022 – Vicious 30 Year celebrations are outlined, kicking off with Don Diablo Remix

To celebrate the label will be releasing a collection of singles and remixes, including a compilation sharing its immense history with a modern twist. The catalogue, which includes Avicii, Madison Avenue, Dirty South, Peking Duk, Cabin Crew, MrTimothy, and Rogue Traders, just to name a few, will be remixed by leading global dance names that include Don Diablo, Mark Knight, Joshwa, Mell Hall, KPD, Hotmood, The Cube Guys, Mighty Mouse, PAX, Needs No Sleep, Super Disco Club and more. Around this celebration, an Australian tour is scheduled for late August with label founders John Course and Andy Van being joined by various artists on the label for these select shows.

30 Years of Vicious is gearing up to show the world the direct impact the Vicious collective has made upon club music culture, not only in Australia, but all across the globe. The label’s impressive 30 year history and its artist’s releases having reached the peak of global music charts, sat in the record boxes of legendary DJs and been played across radio stations globally, from Australia’s JJJ to the UK’s mighty Radio One. In the process, some artists have become house-hold names, but most of all, the label’s releases have proved how an Australian label has made the world dance for over 30 years!

Remix Singles are released throughout June, July and August 2022

The “30 Years of Vicious” compilation is released on 26th August