2021 – ‘The Vicious Sound System’ global radio show kicks off…

Launched in 2021, the Vicious Sound System radio show is one house of the best house and dance music on the planet. Regularly hosted by Vicious co-founders John Course and Andy Van and featuring regular guests from the label, plus DJ’s and remixers who work with Vicious. Guests have included David Penn, Soul Central, The Cube Guys, KPD, James Alexandr, James Ash, Marcus Knight, Flash, The Journey, Sgt Slick, Friendless, Dubbel Drop, Mind Electric, Earth N Days, Andy Murphy, Alaia & Gallo, Graeme Park, Mighty Mouse, Super Disco Club, Birdee and many more.

Broadcasting all over the globe from Ibiza to Australia you can click the link below to find one of the stations near you!