2020 – vicious owners john course and andy van take things online as covid closes clubbing worldwide

No doubt the Covid-19 experience of 2020 turned the world upside down, but in many ways music became a constant support for people who were isolated. Club music lost its dancefloor experience, but it was still embraced by clubbers from bedrooms, lounge rooms, kitchens, balconies and backyards.

During Melbourne’s numerous lockdowns, Vicious co-owner John Course moved his regular DJ sets to online named ‘Classics and Future Anthems’. John’s shows were watched by thousands every Saturday night, racking up more than 50 shows while gaining mainstream media attention.

The label’s other owner, Andy Van, also ran regular online sets ‘A Night In’ spanning more than 30 weeks and entertaining people during lockdown.  

Both shows were enthusiastically received by people from home, and many new online friendships were made while Melbourne remained in lockdown. You can find all of John’s livestreams on Mixcloud.