2017 – needs no sleep / husky – australian artists on the global stage

Of the many artists who released club cuts with Vicious in 2017, two of particular note were Needs No Sleep and Husky.

Needs No Sleep hails from the Mornington Peninsula, about 50 minutes south of central Melbourne. He cut his teeth DJing and playing around with Abelton, before launching his Needs No Sleep project bringing  a slamming, tough, bass and tech house club vibe to his releases. Purely dancefloor focused, he launched with ‘Who Can Do’, quickly following with ‘Ass Like That’ and finally ‘Want Me’, which included re-sung vocal sections of the R&B hit of the same name.

Meanwhile, Australian house music producer and DJ Husky, (who also runs his own label), brought soulful sounds to Vicious with the debut release ‘Let Me Show You Love’. Funky and throwing back to traditional vocal house sounds, the song was the start of several cuts from Husky dropping on Vicious.