2011 – avicii’s final releases with vicious

To close out the year, Avicii dropped ‘Street Dancer’ (sampling an old funk anthem of the same name) and ‘Snus’ which was another club collaboration with Sebastien Drums.

His final release with Vicious was ‘Jailbait’  featuring a huge melodic section through the middle that is reminiscent of his later crossover hits. There was no doubt his star was on the rise and during the end of his deal with Vicious he also released ‘Bromance (The Love You Seek)’ under his real name Tim Berg.

Avicii steered his path moving away from club producer to bonafide hit maker, with promo versions of ‘Levels’ floating about at the end of 2011. Eventually signed to Universal Music on a global deal, Avicii’s journey from indie dance label to pop stardom was well underway. 

Sgt Slick remixes Avicii’s “Street Dancer” for the 30 Years of Vicious celebrations.