2007 – The Potbelleez have one of the biggest Australian records of the year with ‘dont hold back’

In October of 2007, after months of club play and after hitting number one on the Club Chart, ‘Don’t Hold Back; was The Potbelleez’ first crossover hit. Starting in the clubs and eventually gaining huge radio support, ‘Don’t Hold Back’ peaked at number 15 on the Australian Top 50 pop chart. The anthemic vocals of Ilan mashed with the massive dance production created an unstoppable hit single, the first from the Potbelleez debut album with Vicious. It went on to win the APRA SONG OF THE YEAR AWARD and if you are Australian, you’d likely know the track was synced with Jeep for the hugely successful “I Bought A Jeep” campaign.The song literally became the theme to Jeep’s advertising campaign for more than seven years! The track is still the band’s most streamed song and was Triple Platinum when released.