2005 – cabin crew land massive crossover hit with ‘star2Fall’

Initially starting life with a club release that included an uncleared sample, the Sydney based Cabin Crew duo of Rob Kitler and Ben Garden came to the attention of Vicious owners via the Australian club scene. ‘Star Fall’, sampling “Waiting for a Star to Fall” – a 1988 single by Boy Meets Girl – was doing the rounds on Australian dance floors off a test pressing and the Vicious team eagerly pursued the addictively catchy pop dance track and producers behind it, eventually signing the duo and getting the vocal re-sung. Time was of the essence, due to a rival track by Sunset Strippers also sampling the same Boy Meets Girl song and once again, Vicious licensed their Cabin Crew version to UK powerhouse Ministry of Sound, who assisted with a timely UK release. Under the slightly re-titled ‘Star To Fall’, the track battled head to head with the alternative Sunset Strippers version and it eventually won out, giving Cabin Crew a huge hit spiking the UK pop chart at number three,  providing Vicious with another massive European record.

Cabin Crew original producers Rob and Ben have allowed Vicious to include an exclusive remix of Star2Fall by Freejak on the 30 Years of Vicious compilation.