2000 – Madison Avenue hit number 1 on the uk pop chart!

‘Don’t Call Me Baby’ was re-released in the UK in May 2000 and instantly hit the number one spot after knocking off Britney Spears for the converted position. Virgin UK A&R manager Andy Thompson always believed the song was a nonafide hit and was instrumental in pushing for the track to be re-released and promoted.

The song  went on to achieve major pop chart success all over Europe which was quite rare for a house music track at the time. It also charted on the USA’s Billboard Official Top 100. To this day it’s one of the most iconic dance music tracks of all time.

Madison Avenue very quickly became household names not only in Australia, but all over the world taking Andy and Cheyne overseas for performances at events such as Love Parade, multiple gigs in Ibiza and club shows all over Europe, not to mention a prime time appearance on the UK’s Top Of The Pops.

Fresh new talent Joshwa has remixed this iconic dance music anthem for the 30 Years of Vicious compilation.