1998 – travellor & in motion ‘believe’

Believe was a beautiful melodic progressive house vocal track created by Melbourne producers Ivan Gough (Traveller) and brother duo In Motion.

Speaking about the record, Ivan says, “I was friends with local producer Mark Edwards and one day he played me a song that he was working on. I loved it and we set about finishing it in my Port Melbourne studio. Another sublime vocal by Sallie Harvey and a fantastic hook from the Nord Lead synth, and the track was completed”.

Andy Van, along with friend and musician Duane Morrison, delivered a  superb “Key South” remix.

Not long after John Course was in London for a series of meetings with UK A&R representatives and he gave a copy of the track to FFRR (Pete Tongs label). Later that night John was driving on the M1 to attend a wedding in Manchester when he heard a familiar riff playing on the car stereo… as he listened to Pete Tong’s radio show live on Radio One Believe started playing!

John said, “I was initially confused because I knew the riff but I didn’t connect it to being our release because it was literally only a few hours earlier that I was in the FFRR office to give Pete and his team the track. Once I actually realised Pete was playing our release it was a great moment”.

“It showed how quickly somebody like Pete Tong would move on a record if he loved it and he played the track five weeks in a row!”

After the initial Vicious release it was subsequently signed in the UK and released with a host of top remixes from the likes of Minimalistix and PUSH.