2001 – 16th Element hit the underground with ‘warp’ & ‘well strung’

Young Melbourne producer Kam Denny, aka 16th Element, dropped two awesome demos to Vicious after connecting with Andy Van through Melbourne’s DJ scene. The label signed the tracks “Warp” and “Well Strung” immediately!!!

“Warp” is a building, superb slice of thumping club music while  ‘Well Strung’ featuring a disco string loop., is another epic club track’

The initial Vicious 12” vinyl led the way in global record stores before European and USA labels stepped in and licensed the tracks. The late Eric Morillo’s Subliminal Records and the hugely respected UK label Skint re-released the tracks (Skint adding a house remix of “Warp” by none other than X-press 2).  Check both tracks below on Spotify.

For 30 Years of Vicious Spencer Parker remixes “Well Strung” and Rory Marshall remixes “Warp”