1993 – Dreams Of Heaven

Vicious had its first international club hit with the record ‘Dreams of Heaven.’ It peaked at number three on the UK club chart and 54 on the UK pop chart while licensed to Faze 2 Recordings.

The single’s melodic intro and hooks still sound brilliant today and it was Ground Level’s biggest track and also one of the first Vicious releases to gain major dance music radio play in Europe.

John Course reminisces about the first time they heard the track in a European club, “Andy and I were at a Kings Cross warehouse rave in London, which was promoted by Fat Tony and featured Sasha DJing,” says John. “It was our first UK trip and we were eagerly searching for new vinyl during the day, while hitting as many parties, raves and clubs as we could by night. While waiting for a drink in a club we heard the intro to ‘Dreams Of Heaven’ over the sound system… It was a surreal and very exciting moment for us considering we were both still living in the outer suburbs of Melbourne, thousands of miles from the epicentre of dance music in London”.