1992 March – Eternal by Eternal

The Eternal project was conceived by DJ and early Aussie dance music pioneer Mark James. Eternal’s self-titled single was released in 1992, and was co-produced by Carl Cox (on one of his first Australian tours) and programmed by Vicious co-founder John Course.

The track was born after Carl and Mark visited John and Andy’s studio in Frankston – about an hour’s drive from Melbourne’s CBD. The song was written and arranged in a single day, before hardware synths and samplers were setup again and added inside Sing Sing Studio’s in Richmond. An almighty overnight mixdown session ensued – including the creation of the Dub, and by the morning the track was finished with an A and B side. 24 hours from concept to completion!!!

Reportedly, the bass section at 2:14 blew the cutting head at Abbey Road Mastering in the UK when the huge sub bass sounds kicked in… whether it’s a rumour or not, the Vicious team were massively impressed (and thankful there were no expensive bills)!

The release was handled by Underground Level Recordings (ULR) in Europe (Carl’s associated label at the time), and Vicious Vinyl for the rest of the world.