1998 – ‘white Treble black bass’ by Sgt slick

Sgt Slick is one of the label’s longest serving artists, and still releases and produces great music on Vicious!

Slick’s awesome, funk grooved, saxophone riddled ‘White Treble, Black Bass’ hit a home run on global dance floors as soon as the vinyl release landed on record store shelves in early 1998. It was released by many labels via licensing deals with Vicious including in the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany and France, but back in Australia it become one of the biggest club records of the year.

For the second year in a row, a Vicious artist won the ARIA award for ‘Best Dance Release’ at the 1998 ARIA awards. Interestingly, the record samples a very well known USA music lawyer who narrates the title line in the song. At the time, the label cleared the sample with the said lawyer for no payment, him thinking it was a little ironic that he’d worked for musicians and labels for years and it was the first time he’d ever actually been on a recording.

 ‘White Treble Black Bass’ has been remixed by disco don Hotmood for the ‘30 Years of Vicious’ compilation and also included on the limited 12” vinyl “30 Years of Vicious”