Yours Tonight

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Vicious are excited to welcome back house music extraordinaire Lou Casablanca with his latest offering ‘Yours Tonight’. A delightful slice of quality house, ‘Yours Tonight’ is driven forward by its tight groove and shuffling drums. Featuring a vibrant sonic bed of piano stabs, funky basslines and syncopated guitar leads, Lou’s expert production still leaves plenty of space for the track’s soulful lead vocals to shine. Not to mention the soaring saxophone that serves as the icing on the cake of this classy house release.

Then on remix duties we have James Alexandr showcasing his command of the house music genre. Doubling down on the groove, James strips out the guitar and leans into the vibrant keys of the original resulting in a tight, contemporary piano house track Both works set the perfect soundtrack for when the sun is shining, drinks are flowing and the good times are rolling. And that’s not all! With two more cracking remixes from 84Bit and HP Vince to follow