You & I

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Hiroshi Daisuki, the alias of producer Will Chusap from Australia, delivers a killer cut with vocalist LUX on “You & I”. Following his debut releases on EXCEED earlier in 2023, here the production still thumps with Hiroshi’s club vibe, but this time with more melodic elements. Co-written by another Australian producer Dave Winnel and USA based vocalist LUX, the superb full vocal only adds to the instant appeal of this track.

Overall, you can hear a more mature, instantly hooky, big sound on “You & I” that could be equally at home on a dance floor as it could be on the airwaves! On remix duties we have Curtis Young with a groovier take on the track and newcomer BLÜNT, delivering a fast & fiery techno infused stomper of a remix. All bases are covered on this release We love this tune here at EXCEED HQ and what a great way for Mr Daisuki to end to 2023!