Wordy Rappinghood

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The Andy Murphy and Nite Theory original delivers a pop-tinged, electronic take with the iconic vocal hooks (including the nursery rhyme derived from part of a traditional Moroccan children’s song and game, “A Ram Sam Sam”,) laid over a throbbing, pulsating bed. Addictively catchy yet cool at the same time, this new version is a perfect blend of pop and dance music made for today’s electronic music fan.

Then we add a stack of killer remixes…

Firstly Holmes John strips it back to his thumping tech-house club vibe with a driving kick drum providing the pulse, before snippets of the vocal drop and the bumping bassline drops. Peak time club vibes here with vocal chop ups and a version ripe for a peaking dance floor that should resonate with any Patrick Topping fans with its underground rolling energy.

Latour deliver a slinky, dubby underground version. Melancholic melodies slip under a deep bass with elements of the iconic vocals chopped throughout. This one goes deep.

Lost Fields then drop a more energetic house remix. Again using the hooky spoken vocals, this one builds with a simple club edged tech-house bed before dropping into a big breakdown and slamming back with the bassline driven chunky tech-house vibe from earlier.

Finally, Andy Murphy takes off his Nite Theory production hat and delivers his DJ take with a super cool, deep, building, melodic, shuffly, club remix. A nagging melody line bubbles away underneath the entire remix with the vocal again taking the lead, between drops back into the wonderfully hypnotic bed. This one would sound awesome in a dark club, late at night, during a building deep-set sitting somewhere between techno, deep house and deep melodic progressive house… A very cool remix to round up the package and a testament to Murphy’s production prowess.