Warp (Rory Marshall Warehouse Mix)

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16th Element’s underground club cut ‘Warp’ was released on Vicious in 2001 and licensed to multiple international labels. The original was a slow, pulsating slice of club music with killer builds and a tough yet appealing groove. For our 30 Years of Vicious celebrations, we handed the remixing reigns over to Australian underground prodigy Rory Marshall. Signed to Carl Cox’s 23rd Century label, Rory epitomises underground, techno energy in his DJ sets and production. With ‘Warp’ Rory strips the track back to it’s minimal elements, but speeds things up with a huge kick drum providing the basis for this techno remix. The building, filtering groove of the original is weaved within Rory’s dark and banging techno production providing awesome builds and drops… We just cannot wait to hear this on a booming sound system in the middle of the night at a rave! Not for the fainthearted, this one takes no prisoners and celebrates the underground, appealing to fans of proper dark techno with Rory, one of the new school techno producers who you’re going to be hearing much more from in years to come, delivering a superb slice of late night goodness.