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After some back and forth for the past year with up and coming Melbourne talent Joe Mattei we are extremely happy to present his debut EP with UGenius titled Underpass which he has collaborated with the legend Danny Bonnici. His output of music most definitely captured our attention of late and welcome him with open arms. There’s not many names so synonymous and well respected within the Australian electronic music community than Danny Bonnici (NuBreed) & Jamie Stevens (Infusion). Collectively they have shaped a scene and influenced so many in their tenure with a list accolades as long as the Zambezi. With Danny teaming up with Joe on the both track’s and Jamie delivering a yet again spectacular remix for the lead track, this one is sure to get the attention from the worlds best with early support already strong. The B Side “Into The Sun” rounds out the release with the boys delivering a chuggy monster with bright synth notes that contradict the brooding bass sounds that scatter throughout. This one is perfect for lifting a set to another level. Enjoy x