Twenty Five Miles

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Kuhl Kuhl (pronounced “Cool Cool”) returns to the Vicious family in style with his latest offering ‘Twenty Five Miles’. A classy, vocally-driven house slammer that oozes energy through its exciting and thumping production. Reimagining the 1968 Edwin Starr hit of the same name, Kuhl Kuhl takes the funky vocal of the original and pairs it with tight shuffling drums, percussion and an infectious bass-line. Expertly building the track before dropping into a surprising and catchy synth riff that is bound to get the dance floor moving.

Then we have our good friend Mind Electric providing us with a bass focused remix. Leaning into the funkier elements of the track the Perth-based DJ maintains the energetic vocal topline of the original, layering in some bright funk guitars, disco strings and tasty bass licks. All of which is driven forward by his tight signature house production.

A stellar release from start to finish, be sure to grab these and watch them heat up the dance floor!