Testify (In Your Body)

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The Vicious family welcome Sydney DJ James Alexandr to the label. James holds current residencies at Poof Doof @ Ivy, Beresford, The Week and Morning Glory @ Home Terrace and as we’re about to testify, also produces great music! “Testify (In My Body)”, his debut release with Vicious, actually started out very different to what it is now. As James puts it “when I launched James Alexandr I released a two-track EP I loved but after that release, I went on a bit of an experimental journey of trying new styles and ways of doing things, which led to Testify” adding “I sat on it for about 6 months because as much I loved it, something wasn’t quite right”. The finishing touch was the female diva samples and when we heard this at Vicious HQ we got James on the phone and sorted a deal. We then reached out to house master Mind Electric who has delivered his signature, chunky piano-led vibes and also added Kondo’s tech-house style, giving a tougher alternative mix to the house vibe of the other two mixes. A burgeoning DJ career and some great music in the pipeline will see James kick into 2021 in fine style!