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A formidable DJ, Producer and Vocalist in her own right, here DÉ SAINT. combines these considerable talents to deliver her new single ‘Sucker’.

The Original and Tameless remix both bring different vibes to the fore, yet both deliver a wicked club energy that we’re stoked to have for our third release on EXCEED.

DÉ SAINT’s Original builds with its tech house meets progressive production, the superb melodic bassline setting the agenda before her crisp vocal drops on top. The track builds as chords enter under the vocal before dropping back into the hypnotic bassline, finishing with a crescendo of keys, chords, drums, vocals and of course THAT bassline.

Tameless is DJ and production duo Greg Sara and Adam Hooper. Here they bring a deeper, minimal, but still melodic club vibe to their remix. Intro’d by DÉ SAINT’s epic vocal, it drops into chunky beats and moody keys, slowly throbbing its way through the full vocal and subtly building with a tense, deep edge that would be perfect on a massive sound system at 4 in the morning (which is probably exactly when they would both play it in their DJ sets).

All up a killer release for proper club floors who like their tunes a little deeper and underground… Absolute quality!!!