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Coming back to Be Rich Records with his second release on the label, Dutch DJ/producer and all round nice guy MIKE MCFLY brings the heat with his latest dance floor belter ‘Rockstar’.

Having dropped his label debut ‘Lose Yourself’ in April last year, Mike’s resume has been growing exponentially with releases on the likes of D4 DANCE and This Ain’t Bristol. Coming straight out of the gates for 2022 with a bunch of fresh sounds and impeccable production, it’s looking to be a big year for Mr. McFly!

Bringing some out and out acid rave goodness for our earholes, we are treated to a superbly crafted weapon of dance floor destruction. A techno sensibility garnished with a brash yet affirming vocal line, Mike certainly showcases his versatility and why he is one of the most exciting dance music artists coming through on the scene right now.