One Of My Kind (Remixes)

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Rogue Traders early release with Vicious, featuring INXS, was a breakout hit for them and kick started the Rogue Traders journey. Continuing our celebration of 30 Years of Vicious we welcome two fresh remixes, one from the original Rogue Traders founder James Ash and another from Australian DJ and producer Needs No Sleep as he gets his studio talents around this classic crossover hit. Kicking off with the typically tough Needs No Sleep drums laying the bed for this club remix which retains all the vocal from the original (and what a vocal from INXS’s Michael Hutchence), as well as the synth lead hooks from the Rogue Traders original. A big bassline burbles underneath and from start to finish, all the hooks remain with the energy of the remix undeniable. James Ash’s look back on his original provides a cracking 2022 update. Launching with a big kick drum before dropping into the iconic riff from the original then leading us into the always awesome vocal. James’ new take keeps things stripped back with lots of room for Hutchence’s vocals and throbs in and out of the Rogue Traders synth riff. Both Needs No Sleep and James Ash deliver great club remixes for 2022 and we’re stoked to have them both as part of our 30 year celebrations.